Products & Brand

Where are LIERAC products sold?

How long can I keep a product once I’ve opened it?

On the back of most of our packaging you will see a picture of an open jar (period-after-opening symbol) this will indicate the recommended period of use, once the product has been opened. It generally varies from 6 months (6M) to 24 months (24M).

Is it possible to receive samples?

We do not send samples by mail. We reserve our trial sizes for points of sale that focus on advice and help customers try the products best suited to their individual needs. In these stores, you will also find some testers so that you can discover the textures and fragrances of certain products. By placing an order on our site com, guests receive samples to test other products of our brand.

Are LIERAC products tested on animals?

We respect European regulations on the subject and do not practice animal testing.

How do I get a list of product ingredients? 

The full list of active ingredients can be found on each product page of 

How to receive information on the brand? 

To receive information on the brand LIERAC, you can visit retailers that carrying our products (Duane Reade/Walgreens) or visit our website to find more information behind the brand.