Loyalty Program

Where can I get the LIERAC loyalty card?

We offer our loyalty card at all of our point of sale at your local Duane Reade / Walgreen pharmacies. Do not hesitate to ask your beauty advisor for your card. 

How does it work the loyalty card?
After your purchases, fill out the loyalty card and send it to our office in NY with every bar code and receipt enclosed. You Will receive your gift in the Following three weeks.

Ales Group USA
60 East 42nd Street, 54th floor
New York, NY 10165

What are the advantages with the LIERAC loyalty card?

After at least 5, 8, or 10 of purchases Single Single Single Single LIERAC products, you can choose a free gift Among a list of selected products. 

Does the Loyalty Card work for online purchases Single Single Single Single?
The loyalty card does not work online. It is available for use only in pharmacies. Other offers are available Exclusively online. Visit the Special Offers section of the website to discover offers Currently available online .