The D-GLYOX complex

True forerunners in the correction of the skin’s esthetic disorders, LIERAC laboratories have succeeded in uncovering the mechanisms of two major sources of skin aging: glycation and cell oxidation, closely linked and grouped under the term GLYCOXIDATION. The goal: to act on all levels in order to “deactivate” the mechanisms of glycoxidation. Backed by these breakthroughs, LIERAC has created MAGNIFICENCE, a revolutionary anti-aging line designed to help control skin aging at the source in order to better address the expectations of women in search of skin perfection.

A LIERAC scientific innovation, D-Glyox complex is an exclusive and synergistic combination of 3 pure active ingredients with super-potent anti-aging powers to help combat glycoxidation and reactivates cellular metabolism.

Pomegranate flower

Silk tree

Liposome peptide

Hyaluronic acid